New Age of Sustainable Development: Green Transformation and Climate Financing

Dear Researchers,

Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) The International Center for Graduate Education cordially invites you to the "International Scientific Conference of Economics and Management Researchers" (ISCEMR), an annual scientific gathering that brings together researchers from around the world in the fields of economics and management. The primary objective of this conference is to foster interdisciplinary research, facilitate the exchange of ideas on modern trends in science, share experiences, enhance the accessibility and quality of research, and foster scientific cooperation.
This year, our conference is tailored to address the most pressing issues under the theme "A New Era of Sustainable Development: Green Transformation and Climate Finance." Notably, 2024 is celebrated as the "Year of Solidarity for a Green World" in our country, and the hosting of COP 29 in Baku underscores the significance attached to activities in this direction.
The conference is scheduled to take place in Baku from May 23-26, 2024, at the Heydar Aliyev Center, organized by the International Center for Graduate Education of UNEC in collaboration with the Heydar Aliyev Center and the Regional Development Public Union (RIIB) institution.
Accepted papers by the Scientific Committee of the conference are planned for publication in various international journals, indexed in international academic platforms. Additionally, workshops and panels on various current issues will be organized, featuring the participation of invited researchers and professionals from different countries.
We extend a warm invitation to you to participate in our conference, and we wish each of you success.


Conference Organizing Committee




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